Online Classes

Online LIVE Art Classes

How It Works:

All classes run about 1 hour and are LIVE interaction. Classes are taught by our experienced art instructors who teach step by step.

Classes are a low price of $12 per class, per family, $15 for adult classes.  Once you sign up for an Online Art Class you will receive an email from our partner ACTIVITY HUB. Your receipt will have the class you signed up for, the time, materials & purchase price paid.

ZOOM Code:

The day before the class and the morning of your scheduled class you will receive a ZOOM code, a list of materials and the instructor’s name and contact phone number. If you have any questions please contact us.  (919-271-3638)

It’s Class Time: 

Have your ZOOM app download if you are using an IPAD. Have all your materials laid out and ready for class. Open ZOOM app or on their website, if using a laptop or computer, click on Join A Meeting, enter your ZOOM code for the class. Get Creative Online!