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Art lessons for kids and adults in Raleigh, NC

Children Art Camps

Camp Art Themes 

Feb. 19 - March 2

Photo art, Symmetry & Pattern, Rose Drawings, Gee's Bend Quilts, Kandinsky, Printmaking, Lois Mailou Jones, Zentangles, Rubbing Plates Paper Mache, 

Surrealism & Rene Magritte

Ages:  K - 7th Grade  

Kindergarteners must be currently 

enrolled in kindergarten and be able 

to stay the entire day.

Register for a day, several days or a week of classes.


$45 Single Day

$195 for the Week

$595 for 15 Days 

(Book single days, by the week or bank your days for later)
Late Pick Up Fee:  $10 includes all family members

TC Artworks studio is a special teaching environment filled with hugs, laughter, being silly, dancing, music and art.  We don't just teach art and serve as a place to entertain your child for a day, week etc.  We form a relationship with your child and are invested in the learning process of our students.


Each lesson focuses on the growth of our students as artists and improving their self esteem.  Lead instructor Tamara Clary Clark has created a curriculum that introduces students to artist from around the world and art history. Each lesson may focus on drawing or painting mediums, 3d sculpture, artists, art history, the elements of design or collage. 

The students will produce up to 3 projects a day.  Our classes were designed to be small so your child would experience the extra attention and instruction they may not receive in a larger camp. 

Please visit our calendar page to see what themes are taught per day

What do I send with my child?

Lunch and 2 snacks

Please inform us of any allergies or illness.


Drop Off:   8 am - 9 am

Morning Art Lesson: 9am - 10am

Snack & Games: 10 am - 10:30 am

Mid Morning Lesson: 10:30 am - 11:45

Harris Teeter/cookie, Lunch & Movie: 

11:45 am - 1:30 pm

Afternoon Lesson : 2:00 - 3:15 pm

Artist of The Day & Snack 3:15 - 3:30

Games: 3:30 - Pick UP

Pick UP: 4 pm

Late Pick UP: 4:15 pm - 5:30 (fee of $10 per day, per family)

Art lessons for kids and adults in Raleigh, NC


Girls Night Out Classes

Adult Private Party Classes

Corporate Team Building Classes

**We will provide each student an Art Apron to use in class, supplies & art instruction.  Please bring a snack, wine or beverage to enjoy in class. We will provide cups, plates, napkins and utensils. 


Turn your Outdated Furniture Into a Custom Piece of Art!

The student will bring a small piece of furniture to class that they will work on. An example would be a chair, side table or stool. Learn how to apply Chalk Paint, Guilt Metallic Creams, Glazes, Gold & Silver Foiling, Waxes and Top Coats.  This is a hands on workshop.It is required that each student  e-mail a picture to Tamara of the piece of furniture they plan on bringing to class.  Send a picture at least 1 week before the class is scheduled.
E-mail address:

Class length  3 hours
Cost  $90


Create a vintage or contemporary plaque or wall hanging using Chalk Paint, distressing, layering technique. Every student will choose their own colors and quote provided for their project.

Cost  $40


You will learn basic pattern glass etching. We will be applying a stenciled pattern onto glass to add that extra POP! Finish off your project with a Chalk Painted Frame.

Cost  $40


We will be incorporating gilding with metal leaf and metallic foil on glass and mirror. Finish off your masterpiece with a Chalk Painted Frame.

Cost  $40


Learn how to transform an ordinary piece of glass into Aged Glass. Each student will etch a design on the surface of a glass vase. The Antique Mercury finish will be applied with aging technique.

​Cost  $40


Art Journaling is the process of keeping a regular record, usually in book form, of events, thoughts, dreams (awake or asleep) and expressions of your life in images as well as in words. The purpose behind art journaling is no different than in regular journaling: processing current issues whether joyful or sad, greater self-awareness and insight, fulfillment and self-expression. 
In this two hour workshop the student will combine various mixed media, imagery and written words to learn how to open up to self-exploration through art.  The student will leave with their own journal with a finished embossed tin cover and some completed art pages in their journal that will kick start their journey into self creativity. 

Cost $40


ART MEDIUM:Acrylic Paint on Canvas. No artistic talent needed!
Once you have booked your class... E-mail ​ a clear photo of your pet. We will transfer the image onto a canvas. It will be ready for you to paint.  Your pet can be a dog, cat, horse, bird anything!

Instructor, Tamara Clark, will teach you how to manipulate paint, shading and blending & brush manipulation.  All supplies and aprons provided for students.

Cost  $55


Learn how to create your own votive holders. Each student will take home a finished votive holder and the knowledge to DIY at home.

Cost  $40


Each student will learn how to etch on glass. There will be several different quotes to choose that you will etch on your glasses. What a fun class! Take home 4 glasses & fill with your favorite wine.

Cost  $40

The perfect art class for girlfriends, Co-Workers & Mothers/Daughters! 
Join in the fun of making custom jewelry. You will make a necklace and bracelet. If there is time to make more....GO FOR IT!

Cost  $40

Think of the Statue of Liberty and the Green cast on her finish and you will see Verdigris. Learn how to turn wood into copper with a verdigris finish. Each student will take a finished project home and the knowledge to DIY at home. 

Cost $40

Art classes for kids and adults in Raleigh



Students will be taught how to manipulate graphite in drawing to make things look 3D. The elements of design & layout, still life drawing will be taught along with recognizing & incorporating negative & positive spaces in their drawing. 

Ages 10 - 15

Cost: $15


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