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We Are a Classroom Community


Our studio spaces and the time we spend together are an extension of the larger community outside of our doors.

Our varied age groups and abilities are work together in the studio classroom. We strive for our students to learn how to both be leaders and how to follow and receive guidance and inspiration from others. We believe in fostering communities where everyone can learn from each other. 

We Believe in Upward Learning


Students should have a variety of experiences that come easily as well as those that require more thought, time, and perseverance in order to grow. We nurture and guide students, offering support when they need our assistance, and also encourage independent thinking and problem-solving. Our students are offered opportunities to explore new materials in interesting ways, a variety of 2D and 3D projects, and the art of other cultures. We encourage a positive, "can do" attitude and respect for self and for others every day.  We "teach up" so that students can grow and build self-esteem from their accomplishments. 

We Encourage Art for Self-Expression


We believe that art making is important for self-expression. Art is more than just materials, skills, and techniques.  At TC Artworks, we believe as much in process as we do product. Through our projects, the environments we create, and the conversations we encourage, students also acquire an appreciation for the ideas and beliefs of a variety of other cultures and the power of their own ideas and choices. When a student learns how to communicate about the works of others, they can fortify their decision-making skills, and learn about their own unique ideas and perspectives. There is no "right" or "wrong" art-making outcome at TC Artworks.  


A love for teaching art = rewarding experiences

"My first love is teaching art. Art has transformed my own life. I felt a calling to bring the fulfillment and self-empowerment of creativity into the lives of others. Beyond the traditional "art school" setting that is often rigid and strict, I knew there was a huge need for a nurturing, encouraging, and positive approach to artistic self-expression. I enjoy sharing my passion, knowledge and love of art with my students. Every day is a joy seeing the enthusiasm of my students."  


                                                                        - Tamara, Owner and Instructor, TC Artworks 


Meet Tamara

Tamara Clary received a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University and an Art Education Certification from Meredith College.  She has attended numerous teaching workshops in Art Education, decorative finishing and business management.   

For several years she served as a K-12 art teacher for Wake County Public School, Mecklenburg County Public Schools, and Charlottesville City Public Schools. 

Tamara formed her company TC Artworks in 1995, and then in 2016 opened her studio location TC Artworks in Raleigh.  From 1995 - 2016 Tamara worked with thousands of clients creating beautiful decorative finishes on ceilings, walls, floors & cabinetry for commercial & residential properties. Tamara also transformed over 53 commercial spaces serving as a commercial interior designer & contract manager.  During the past 21 years Tamara has also taught children and adults in numerous Art workshops and Art camps.  

Hundreds of happy youth have enjoyed TC Artworks over the years. 

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Meet Lymari

Lymari Moreno is an artist, art teacher and face and body painter. She is a graduate of Pratt Institute with a BFA in Communication Art. 

She is a North Carolina certified art and Spanish teacher. Lymari has seven years of experience teaching art from elementary to high school. Her teaching style is playful yet systematic, with emphasis on a variety of art techniques and fomenting individual expression. As an artist, Lymari prefers painting with oils and acrylics, usually in large format. Her style is focused on abstract/ abstract expressionist portraiture but she is continually experimenting with other styles, mediums and themes.

Lymari is married and the mother of two wonderful children. She is the owner of moon faces painting which offers creative face and body painting to individuals and corporations in the triangle area. Visit her website