Following the recommendations from Governor Cooper, we have decided to close TC ARTWORKS from Monday, March 23 - Friday, April 3.


Find additional class schedules listed on our menu ONLINE CLASSES

(April 8 -10, 2020) Kids Online LIVE Classes

Wed. April 8 (10am – 11am)
PreK & K
Materials: pencil, paper, colored markers, eraser, black sharpie
Wed.. April 8 (10am – 11am)
1st -5th Grade
Picnic & Watermelon
Materials: colored markers, pencil, eraser, paper, black sharpie
Wed., April 8 (2pm -3pm)
1st – 5th Grade
Tie Dye Easter Eggs
Materialseaster eggs- Hard boiled eggs, food coloring, paper towels, rubber bands, water spray bottle. Chickien / egg Drawing- Paper, pencil, eraser, sharpie, colored markers.  
Wed., April 8 (2pm – 3:30pm)

5th – 12th Grade

Cherry Blossoms & Rising Sun
Materials: pencil, eraser, heavy paper or canvas or canvas board, water container, brush, paper towel, acrtlic paint or watercolor if you don’t have acrylics.
Thurs., April 9 (10am-11am)
PreK & K
Lego Robot Printmaking
Materials: paper plate, black paint, colored markers or crayons, 3 sheets of white paper, variety of legos 
Thurs. April 9 (10am -11am)
1st -5th Grade
Lake Reflections
Materials: pencil, heavy paper, acrylic paint, brush, water container, black sharpie, paper towels, If you don’t have acrylic you can use oil pastels or watercolors.
Thurs. April 9 (2pm – 3pm)
1st – 5th Grade
Funky Monkey
Materials: colored pencils or colored makers or crayons, pencil, black sharpie, eraser, paper
Fri., April 10
PreK & K
Sailboat Reflections
Materials: watercolor, crayons, heavy paper for watercolor, pencil, eraser
Fri., April 10 (10 am -11am)

2nd – 5th Grade

Ant Farm
Materials: Pencil & eraser, black sharpie, watercolor, cup for water, brush, heavy paper
Fri., April 10 (2pm -3pm)

1st – 5th Grade

Egg Garland
Materials:  2-3 sheets of paper, pencil, eraser, scissors, colored markers, string rope or yarn 
Fri.. April 10 (10am -11am)
1st -5th Grade
Crazy Cow
Materials: pencil, heavy paper, acrylic paint, brush, water container, black sharpie, paper towels, If you don’t have acrylic you can use oil pastels or watercolors.


Max just turned 1 years old. He and an Australian Labradoodle, hypoallergenic and non-shedding. He comes to the studio everyday. 

Max is in training as a service dog for special needs children and PTSD. 

 Max is always under the supervision of Ms. Tamara, Ms. Stephanie & Ms. Lu.  

A sweet dog and a joy to have in the studio.

Why TC Artworks

We Are a Classroom Community

Our studio spaces and the time we spend together are an extension of the larger community outside of our doors.

Our varied age groups and abilities are work together in the studio classroom. We strive for our students to learn how to both be leaders and how to follow and receive guidance and inspiration from others. We believe in fostering communities where everyone can learn from each other. 

We Believe in Upward Learning

Students should have a variety of experiences that come easily as well as those that require more thought, time, and perseverance in order to grow. We nurture and guide students, offering support when they need our assistance, and also encourage independent thinking and problem-solving.

Our students are offered opportunities to explore new materials in interesting ways, a variety of 2D and 3D projects, and the art of other cultures. We encourage a positive, “can do” attitude and respect for self and for others every day.  We “teach up” so that students can grow and build self-esteem from their accomplishments. 

kids painting party raleigh
We Encourage Art for Self-Expression

We believe that art making is important for self-expression. Art is more than just materials, skills, and techniques.  At TC Artworks, we believe as much in process as we do product. Through our projects, the environments we create, and the conversations we encourage, students also acquire an appreciation for the ideas and beliefs of a variety of other cultures and the power of their own ideas and choices. 

When a student learns how to communicate about the works of others, they can fortify their decision-making skills, and learn about their own unique ideas and perspectives. There is no “right” or “wrong” art-making outcome at TC Artworks.  


Art Camps for Kids

TC Artworks offers weekly art camps for K- 7th graders!

  • Guided arts instruction
  • Multiple make & take art activities
  • One day art camps
  • Multiple day art camps
  • Weeklong art camps

Adult Workshops

TC Artworks Adult Workshops offer Wine down with art activities!

  • Guided arts instruction
  • No artistic experience necessary
  • Laugh, Sip, Create and Unwind
  • Music to create with, all art supplies, instruction and aprons are provided
  • You must be 21 or older to consume alcohol